Younger Audiences



Conflict is part of human nature and group dynamics, even for children. The cinema can help to materialise the fears and anxieties that the youngest of us often find hard to express. It can also help them learn to negotiate peacefully, and to ponder on defending our rights…

Snowtime!, is a remake of the famous Canadian fiction La Guerre des Tuques and uses humour to address the issue of war. The children get into a major brawl about a snow castle over the Christmas holidays.

Little Boy, on the other hand, is a wonderful story about faith and tolerance. Pepper, whose father has just left for the front, will do anything to bring him back to his family.

Today, with the unfortunate rise of numerous nationalistic doctrines and ideologies, Animal Farm, adapted from George Orwell’s eponymous book, is not just a criticism of authoritarian regimes, but an invaluable ode to love and equality!

Bashu, the Little Stranger is frightening because he is different. His skin, his language and his culture are not those of the other children. Will they accept him?

Suzu, the lively and tenderly naïve heroin of the Japanese animated film In This Corner of the World, is loves nature and painting… As she grows up in a world scarred by war, she gradually loses her innocence and zest for life. The heartrending portrait of a young woman before and in the aftermath of Hiroshima.
Each of these films, although very different, deals with the memory of conflict, proving the very real therapeutic and educational power of the cinema.

- Joanna Bartkowiak



SNOWTIME !, de Jean-François POULIOT, François BRISSON (2016) – Animation - Canada – VF - 3+

ANIMAL FARM de John HALAS et Joy BATCHELOR (1954) - VF - Animation – United Kingdom - 8+

IN THIS CORNER OF THE WORLD de Sunao KATABUCHI (2016) – Animation – Japon - VOSTF - 14+

LITTLE BOY de Alejandro MONTEVERDE (2015) – USA - VF - 8+

BASHU, THE LITTLE STRANGER, de Bahram BEYZAI (1991) – Iran - 13+


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