The only festival entirely dedicated to the representation – through fiction, documentary or news report– of past, present and future conflicts, be it real or imaginary, returns for its fifth edition. It embraces all genres, from comedy to spy thriller, from science fiction to historical epic or social drama.

With the backing of French actor and film director, Albert Dupontel as Festival since its creation and supported by la Comète, National Stage of Châlons-en-Champagne, the Festival returns for its fifth year with a rich and varied programme: two International Competitions (feature and short), Retrospectives, Spotlights, European and World previews and Special Screenings introduced by the film teams and a series of remarkable guests, an extended programme for younger audiences from 5 to 90 years old, Panel Discussions, Meet-ups, Master Classes, not to mention Workshops, Video games and Art exhibitions.

Entirely dedicated to the representation of past, present and future conflicts, be it real or imaginary, War on Screen IFF attempts to feature and describe all their facets. This is why the festival is not limited to the armed or military approach of a conflict. On the contrary, it explores all the springs and embraces both what generates a conflict and what arises from a conflict, as it happens and afterwards.. Moreover, it accounts for human trajectories that are shook by conflicts, sometimes far away.

Most of the films in our programme do not feature a battle nor a representation of the army or a military conflict, but rather focuses on less factual aspects, overwhelmingly psychological and human. This results in an extremely diversified programme that combines all cinematographic approaches and treatments, blending all genres and all languages.


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